Killer Twin

Looking into this movie, I learned that before “Killer Twin,” it was originally called, “A Sister’s Obsession,” which is a CLASSIC Lifetime Movie name: usually contains a possessive, double points for it being three words (see Stalker’s Prey, A Neighbor’s Deception, and Her Husband’s Betrayal for reference). Killer Twin as a title gives a LOT more away, i.e there’s a murderer and there’s a twin, but Lifetime likes letting you know what you’re getting, and I appreciate that.

We open up with eerie music at an orphanage where there are two little girls, about three years old, coloring. A woman who is probably an alternate universe’s version of Rosie O’Donnell who is named Eunice (legit props to the naming team, that’s a solid name for this character) comes storming in to tell the girls to be quiet while coloring (literally making no noise). She then compliments one of the girls, Kendra, for her nice coloring, and then tells Amber, the other girl to step the coloring up. This sounds pretty mundane on paper but in the movie, this is a serious insult and a CLEAR indicator of the favoritism and ranking system going on here at the orphanage for these twins. While Eunice is mid-yelling, the doorbell rings – it’s people here to adopt Kendra! Within 4 minutes, Kendra is headed out to her new life with her new parents (we all know how quick the adoption process is!!!!) and Amber is left behind.

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 7.58.41 PM
Perfect Kendra with her huge award.

~30 years later~ we see Kendra is now an award-winning teacher as we are introduced to her while she gives her absolutely awful acceptance speech. While being interviewed by a local news organization, she says how she was privileged enough to go to great schools and that EVERY child should have that same opportunity (I wonder if there is someone in this movie who feels like they didn’t get the same opportunities as a child!!!!!?!?!?! In addition to obvious titles, Lifetime loves to lay it on thick right from the start.)

Kendra goes to celebrate receiving an award by bringing her two-foot tall award into a bar and talking to some ~cute guy~ who offers to buy her a drink. She complains about how she can’t wait to take these shoes off and he offers to give her a foot massage – WAIT WHOA, isn’t that a little fast, even for Lifetime? Guys, don’t worry! That’s her husband, Dane! They’re just doing some classic stranger role play at their local Chilis. Kendra decides this is the moment to tell her husband Dane that she is six weeks pregnant. IDK about you, but I don’t think that I would announce my pregnancy to my dude during ROLE PLAY AT A BAR – might confuse the storyline a bit, but that might just be my narrative style.

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 7.58.31 PM
Take a look at this bad girl outfit and you KNOW it is Amber!

We switch to the killer twin (I’m not giving anything away since Lifetime literally authorized this title) Amber, who if we didn’t already know she was a bad gal from the title, we’d also know it from her choker necklace, septum piercing, streaked hair, and shady money dealings. Amber is a waitress at a restaurant who also steals cars and money so she’s bad to the bone and ready to cause trouble. She sees a copy of the news article on Kendra, the twin sister she hasn’t seen since she was three who she is jealous of for being adopted. The article lets Amber know where Kendra works, so Amber decides its time to finally enact her lifelong revenge on her.

We go back to Kendra in her beautiful craftsman style home (can you tell I’ve been watching House Hunters?) where she’s in her California King Bed with her ripped husband. They chat about her mom coming to visit soon while she’s online shopping, casually buying clothes and nail polish totaling $323!!!! I know she’s teacher of the year, but still, where is this money coming from for this home and shopping spree? These purchases are important, so remember them. Of course, they are in bed, which leads to some sexy stuff, and we see that Kendra has a birthmark on her shoulder. At this point, you know that Lifetime is heavy-handed about things, so REMEMBER THIS TOO!!!

Amber is at her home talking to her roommate who is another alternate universe’s Ruby Rose. Amber tells her roommate about finding her twin sister and her plan to steal her identity. We also learn through their conversation that apparently it was illegal for Kendra to be adopted separately from Amber since they prioritize keeping twins together in these circumstances, but I also know actually nothing about the validity of this statement, but let’s go with it.

To keep her evil plan moving, Amber goes back to the orphanage she grew up in and confronts Eunice. Why did Eunice treat her so badly when she was young? Well, Kendra was nice, but Amber was moody. And can Amber get a copy of Kendra’s file now? No way! Amber won’t let Eunice stand in her way, so she earns her name of Killer Twin by pushing Eunice to the ground and suffocating her with a pillow (I swear I have no idea where this pillow came from, but just go with it). Amber then grabs Kendra’s file and her own, getting all the info she needs from the orphanage.

With all her info in hand, Amber heads to stalk Kendra at work, spotting Kendra talking with her BFF Monica and helping a student who’s dad forgot to pick her up from school (this is 100% irrelevant but it’s a throwaway line that gives me a solid laugh because Kendra says after, “I hope that doesn’t affect her too much in the long run” which is like yeah, we all do, Kendra, we all freaking do.)

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 7.58.57 PM
Kendra making out with her husband at 4 p.m. in public.

Amber follows Kendra home and sees that Amber has a hot husband and gets super jealous, and begins picturing herself kissing Dane (which is probs what 70% of the ladies viewing this movie are doing, too, TBH). Kendra and Dane leave to go to dinner, and Amber goes and checks out Kendra’s nice house. While she’s doing that, a UPS guy comes to deliver those $323 worth of purchases Kendra made and Amber signs for them, taking them as her own.

Amber takes these purchases back to her home and styles herself to look completely like Kendra, showing off her transformation to her roommate. I thought this was pretty bold – usually NOT talking about the crimes you want to commit is the best strategy – but seeing how unaffected the roommate was by it tells me she’s also a bad gal. But she’s only a somewhat bad gal, she makes it clear to Amber that she’s on board for hacking and theft, but not for stalking and murder. Discussing boundaries is a key part of being a good roommate, so kudos to her for keeping lines of communication open.

The next night while Kendra is home alone, Amber breaks into her house to steal her keys, and take pictures of her ID and credit cards (Similar to the pillow that killed Eunice appearing from nowhere, I have no idea how Amber broke into the house, but again, just go with it!) She makes noise on her way out, causing Kendra to see her. Kendra tells the detective later that she thinks it was a woman, which begins Kendra’s suspicions.

When Kendra goes on ANOTHER shopping spree with her BFF Monica the next day (seriously, where is this money coming from?!) her credit cards are declined, so Amber is making serious moves with those fraudulent charges. We see Amber at her home scraping poppyseeds off a bagel into a bag, watching a video of Kendra talking and mimicking her, and looking at an invitation from Kendra’s bag for speaking at an education conference…hmm… what could she be up to?

Kendra wakes up from a disturbing dream – she’s recalling memories from the orphanage, another young girl being next to her but not coming with her. So I guess Kendra didn’t even know she had a twin this whole time, and only these weird occurrences are bringing up memories!

With all of her credit cards frozen from the fraudulent charges, Kendra goes to the bank to take out some cash. After making chit-chat with the bank teller, she asks to access her safe deposit box but then realizes she can’t find the key. Hoping it’s just lost in the couch, she heads home to try and find it. Amber arrives a little bit  later disguised as Kendra and gets access to the box, taking the jewelry that’s inside with her. While going through the box, the teller begins to realize something is off – wasn’t Kendra wearing a completely different outfit before? He tries to quiz her – asking her what was the name of the restaurant she recommended he go to that her husband proposed to her at? When Amber isn’t able to answer that question, he freaks out and goes to call security, but Amber smashes him in the head with the safety deposit box and manages to run out of the bank with the jewelry and get into her car before security can catch her. Great job, security people.

The detective on Kendra’s break-in and stolen identity case calls Kendra and tells her about what happened at the bank. At this point, Kendra is putting it together – she realizes that someone else signed for her packages, too, and after seeing the footage from the bank, she knows something is up – she must have a sister or something!

She decides to do her own investigating (YUP, there’s the Lifetime Leading Lady™ trait I know and love!) by going to the orphanage. Kendra talks to the new lady working there, and finds out that Eunice “died from a fall” just a few days ago. This is suspicious to Kendra with everything going on, and suspicious to me because hi did NO ONE do an autopsy and see that she died from asphyxiation and not blunt force trauma? Anyway, the new lady tries to find Kendra’s files but they are missing (another red flag!) but from backup records, she’s able to confirm to Kendra that she did have a twin and that Eunice was lax about following laws and doing paperwork. Turns out Amber stayed at the orphanage until she was 18 and then was pushed out for being too old.

Kendra decides to go for a fun jog with her BFF Monica (as one does when they have a stalker twin destroying their life), tells her about Amber, and then leaves to go pick out a crib with Dane. Monica heads to a clothing store to browse and sees someone who LOOKS like Kendra buying clothes and walking out. But wait, wasn’t Kendra going to meet up with Dane? Monica goes to confront this person, who we know is Amber, asking her who she is and why she’s impersonating her best friend!? Things go from 0 to 60 and Amber STABS MONICA IN BROAD DAYLIGHT IN A PARKING LOT!!!! Amber hops in her car after the stabbing and while she’s pulling out she almost runs into KENDRA’S MOM!! The mom thinks it’s Kendra driving the car and is confused, but Amber doesn’t know who she is!

Kendra learns of Monica’s death and heads to the police, giving them all the information about Amber. The cops ACTUALLY listen to her in this movie (in most Lifetime movies, they don’t) and put out a warrant for her arrest. It’s good in theory, but it doesn’t actually do anything for the plot.

Amber’s roommate sees information about the stabbing on the news and is pissed – remember her boundaries of only theft, not murder? Amber reminds her that she was left at the orphanage and Kendra got adopted and the roommate is quickly won over – so much so that she hacks into Kendra’s email for Amber. Amber finds a copy of Kendra’s speech for the education conference in her inbox and begins to practice it. We also see a fruit basket on their coffee table that Amber won’t let them eat…

We then see that same fruit basket left on Kendra’s front porch, and Kendra grabs it, seeing a note from Dane wishing her luck at her conference tonight. When Kendra takes a bite of fruit, she quickly has an allergic reaction! Kendra is deathly allergic to poppy seeds, as is Amber (obviously!) so Amber was trying to kill her, those weren’t from Dane! Luckily, Kendra’s mom is there and rushes her to the hospital, saving her life.

However, while Kendra is in the hospital recovering, Amber poses as her at the education conference, giving her speech and wowing the crowd. At this point, we know that Amber isn’t just trying to steal from Kendra, she’s trying to take over her entire life.

Take over her career? Check. Get her husband? That’s next on the list. While Kendra has been in the hospital, Dane has been out with clients and hasn’t been checking his phone, so he isn’t aware about her allergic episode. Amber manages to find out where Dane is from someone at his office and meets him at the bar that he’s at with clients. Dane has clearly had a bunch to drink and is thrilled to see who he thinks is his wife at the bar. He sees Amber with a champagne in her hand and asks her, “Isn’t that bad for the baby??” Big mistake on Amber’s part who didn’t know that Kendra was pregnant! They start doing that stranger role play stuff again, which works out well for Amber, and she quickly seduces him back home to get him in bed and quiet any of his suspicions.

kendra scared
Terror eyes, terrorize, terror rise (it’s kind of like real eyes realize real lies, right?) I made it up and you have to give me credit whenever you say it.

Dane left his phone at the bar in a drunken rush, and his coworker calls Kendra to tell him. Except wait, the real Kendra is still in the hospital! When he tells Kendra he just saw “someone who must be her clone” leave with Dane, Kendra knows its Amber and she and her mom jet from the hospital to her home.

Dane and Amber begin to get it on (Amber is fully committed to having every part of Kendra’s life clearly, even the hottie husband). However, while they are getting hot and heavy, Dane notices that Amber doesn’t have the birthmark on her shoulder – the important one we saw on Kendra at the beginning – and he freaks out! Amber quickly smashes him in the head with Kendra’s teaching award, which I high-key love. If you’re going to bring your damn huge award to the bar AND keep it on your NIGHTSTAND, then yeah, it’s going to be used as a weapon on your hottie husband, sorry.

Kendra and her mom arrive at the home – Kendra’s mom calls the detective (smart!) and Kendra decides to go inside alone (stupid!) While Kendra runs in, Amber also runs out and smashes the mom’s head into the steering wheel — oh dang. Kendra finds Dane tied up to a chair and turns around to see Amber with a knife. Kendra grabs a conveniently placed baseball bat (don’t worry, we did see this in the bedroom earlier on) and the two go at it, yelling at each other, pleading, swinging and attempting to stab. While fighting, Kendra accidentally pushes Amber over the top of the railing, and she falls beautifully. The cops arrive right after, Amber is alive, and the two of them glare at one another. Amber is in custody and Kendra is finally safe.

dead amber
I wish I looked this good when I sleep, let along when I fall from the top of stairs.

~6 months later~ Kendra is fully pregnant and living her wonderful life with her hottie husband. She also clearly doesn’t have any trauma because she and Dane make jokes about how Dane kissed Amber, so wow Kendra really did come out okay from this whole incident. And Amber? Well, she’s in prison, and we see her watching TV. What’s on TV? Oh you know, just another news clip of Kendra being promoted to Superintendent! Sorry Amber, Kendra will always have a better life than you.

This is Lifetime 101 – twins, killing, hot husbands, boning scenes, stabbings, pregnancies, all of it! I got some solid gasps and giggles out of this one, so I’m giving it a full 9/10.

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