2019 Countdown to Christmas Preview – 10th Anniversary Special

It’s almost the end of the Summer, and Hallmark JUST wrapped up its “Christmas in July” special, so you know what time it is – time to talk about all the upcoming Hallmark Christmas movies for 2019! This year marks the 10th anniversary of CTC (Countdown to Christmas – I’ve never heard it abbreviated but feels like something someone in the Hallmark boardroom says) and Hallmark is releasing 40 NEW MOVIES. Now yes, that may be longer than the entire Christmas season (movies begin airing October 25) but as Hallmark likes to say, “It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas” – seriously, this is a direct quote from Lacey Chabert, Hallmark royalty, in the Christmas First Look Preview Special. This year’s line up is STAR STUDDED, so take a look!

Ok, let’s start with the Hallmark Queens: Lacey Chabert, Danica McKeller, and Candace Cameron Bure.
They’re all staring in movies that begin with “Christmas” (Listen, you don’t make 40 movies in one year by having creative titles, okay?) and I’m dying to watch all of them.

Christmas in Rome
Lacey Chabert stars in her EIGHTH Hallmark Christmas movie, Christmas in Rome. She’s a tour guide who gets fired right around Christmas (classic!) and meets a hot tourist and becomes his ~~~personal tour guide~~~ (I guess her body is a wonder land and he needs to be shown around?). I’m guessing there’s a scene with the Vatican or some fancy ass church because Chabert is hardcore Christian.

Christmas at Dollywood
Danica McKellar (Wendy from The Wonder Years for my mature crowd) is Rachel who leaves the city to go back to Tennessee and somehow ends up working at Dollywood and falling in love there. City girl who returns home for Christmas is one of my FAVORITE Hallmark tropes, so definitely watching (I’m watching all of them, okay?).

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Christmas Town
Also rocking her eighth Hallmark Christmas Movie, Candace Cameron Bure is staring in Christmas Town – she, too, leaves the big city to go back to her small town where she learns about the real reason for Christmas. I’m guessing some great moments of helping older folks, watching kids playing, and some G-rated hugging with a hunk coming your way.

Now the movies that make you go, “Wait, THAT person is in Hallmark movies now?”
I saw some of the folks in these upcoming movies and was genuinely surprised.

The Mistletoe Secret
This one’s got Kellie Pickler. If you’re saying “who?”, she came in sixth place on American Idol in 2005, DUH. Now, this isn’t a huge surprise that she’s in a movie again this year based on her role in Christmas at Graceland last year, so good for her for keeping it #Hallmark.

Five Cards for Christmas
ALERT!!! THIS HAS CHAD MICHAEL MURRAY!!! This was a moment of “that can’t ACTUALLY be him” but I promise you, it is. He’s looking better than his buzz cut days and somehow has the most chiseled man dimples I have ever seen. He’s the love interest in this movie (that’s a guess, but I highly doubt he’s the insightful father). So yes, this is definitely on my watch list.

The Christmas Song
Broadway babe Kristen Chenoweth takes her turn on Hallmark as a choir director who knows how to spot talent. My guess is there some hunky dad kissing, talks about following dreams, and that Christmas is the time for miracles.

Merry & Bright
Not to be outdone by Candace, Jodie Sweetin from Full (and Fuller) House is now a Hallmark lady. She’s still at Princess-level, not quite Queen, as she’s only done three holiday movies. She plays a CEO of a Christmas Candy business and seems to have some disagreements and misunderstandings with the handsome man sent to help improve the bizz. I call bickering, a late-night project in which they fall asleep together and wake up confused but in love, and a final snow kiss.

The Christmas Club
This typical Christmas love story (seriously, that’s the extent of the amount of detail I could find) stars Elizabeth Mitchell from Lost. Slightly different acting demands than Lost, but that’s called RANGE, sweetie, look it up.

Christmas at Graceland 2: Home for the Holidays
Honestly actual question marks flew out of my head at this one. Adrian Grenier from Entourage is playing a hunky dad who falls in love with the tour guide/nanny to his kids. Interested in seeing if there’s a bad boy vibe at all…

And an Untitled Blake Shelton Movie…
Now, Blake isn’t staring in this movie, but he will be producing a movie, and if it’s anything like his previous one, it will be based off a song of his. It’s probs going to be about a country holiday, some family, some love, and smiling near a barn.

Stay tuned for more info on when these movies are airing, and follow @lifemark_halltime on Instagram and Twitter for watch sessions and life updates! Which movies are you excited about watching this year? Let me know in the comments!

One thought on “2019 Countdown to Christmas Preview – 10th Anniversary Special

  1. I’m looking for a table top rocking horse exactly like the one featured in the Hallmark movie,
    “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”

    I would love to get it for my wonderful sister for Christmas (before, actually). She will be thrilled!
    We have been looking for 3 years…



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