A Lover Scorned

Brooke is a classic rich white housewife whose husband ignores her and she’s STARVED for attention. Like works-out-in-a-nightie level of attention. She meets insurance salesman Jake (they’ve somehow made that a hot job) and sparks fly immediately. Within two minutes of meeting, he’s already making moves, and those moves are accepted hardcore – they start boning everywhere! Even at galas where her husband is! Normally Lifetime would want us to feel bad about this, but because Steve is ignoring her, he deserves it in their eyes, so we’re rooting for her.

Jake, the hottest insurance salesman ever

This lust becomes love and Brooke is ready to ask her husband, Steve, for a divorce. Jake tries to up the stakes by saying he’s willing to kill Steve “accidentally” and then the two of them can collect the insurance money. Brooke, ignored but not crazy, turns this offer down, tells Steve about the affair, and the two of them agree to do a weekend away together to work on their relationships.

While on this trip, Jake shows up secretly to surprise Brooke and offer to kill Steve one more time. And she’s still like NO! So Jake’s going to leave…or so we think…when someone pulls him into the bushes – it’s Steve! They start talking – clearly they know each other – and then begin MAKING OUT! I think this is the biggest shock of ANY Lifetime movie I have EVER seen – an actual game changer. A bisexual love interest-turned-antagonist is new territory!

Apparently Steve and Jake had a thing going on between themselves. The plan was for Jake to seduce Brooke, plant this idea about killing Steve, and then once Jake saw how awful of a person Brooke was that she would be willing to kill her husband, he would kill her and Steve and Jake would live happily ever after. Except Brooke didn’t want her husband dead – she just wanted a divorce! And Brooke is hot since she works out in a nightie, causing Jake to fall in love (as much love as a sociopath can have) with her.

Jake is so in love with Brooke that in a heated exchange between the three of them, he pushes Steve off a cliff (they were on a nature trip at some Canadian B&B), and Steve dies.

This opens up a whole can of worms:

  • Brooke realizes Jake is crazy and cuts things off (after one last boning session in a church)
  • Brooke stays quiet about Jake killing Steve for some reason – I guess because he’s got a good beauty mark and she’s scared of him
  • The cops and insurance agency are suspicious of Brooke, thinking that she killed him, and begin investigating her

Brooke stays strong and ends up getting some settlement money from the hotel in regards to Steve’s death. And if you think that this is the end, then you’ve never seen a Lifetime movie because we’ve only had one big shock and we need AT LEAST more.

Brooke learns that not only was Steve trying to have her killed, he was also cheating on her (with someone besides Jake) with another woman. And that woman was one of Brooks BEST FRIENDS, Angie! Angie wants a cut of the insurance money because she’s PREGNANT with Steve baby, which is the ultimate punch in the gut to Brooke since all she wanted was to have a child with Steve.

This is where Brooke loses us. Brooke bakes cookies and gives them and a cute of the insurance money as a “peace offering” to Angie. BUT those cookies were laced with some kind of poison that causes Angie to have a miscarriage – that’s NEXT level, Brooke! But we also learn that Angie manipulated Steve to get the money and never actually cared about him, so I guess that’s supposed to make us all feel better?

And it wouldn’t be Lifetime without a dramatic fight to wrap things up! The insurance company has done their investigating and has finally figured out that Jake was the one who killed Steve. Now that he has nothing to lose, Jake breaks in to Brooke’s house to attack her. She defends herself, shooting him to death. He admits he had no feelings in his life as he dies, but that he loved her as much as he could.

Brooke ends up getting the money, moving away to live her life with her sweet mom (it’s a big character trait that her mom likes gambling). So sometimes it’s worth cheating on your husband because he’s really cheating on you with multiple people and getting them pregnant and planning your death! All’s fair in love and Lifetime.

I had MULTIPLE gasps in this one – I’d give it a solid 8/10.

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