Friday the 13th – Creepy Lifetime Movies

It’s Friday the 13th and a full moon today, and Halloween is coming up soon, so spooky vibes are in the air! To coincide with the season, we’ve put together some of the creepier Lifetime movies available on the Lifetime Movie Club (to be honest, most Lifetime movies are creepy, so you can’t really go wrong!). Which Lifetime movies do you think are the creepiest? Let me know in the comments!

I am Watching You – Essentially 50 Shades of Grey except the dude is less hot so we’re less willing to deal with his shenanigans. The main love interest is believably hot-turned-creepy. What’s worse than a hot dude becoming obsessed? Maybe if he was your neighbor… Read the full review here.

Death of a Cheerleader – Adults doing awful things is scary, but KIDS/TEENS doing awful things??? Now THAT’S scary! The lost innocence! The faulty logic! This is a great movie because it’s about a young girl who just snaps – and what’s scarier than knowing that anyone (even young girls!) can snap to being a killer…?

Killer Single Dad – We’ve got it all: Vulnerable pregnant women! A good neighbor who is actually malicious! Questionable paternity! Violence! Being pregnant can already be scary. Now pair this with a sperm donor who is secretly trying to gather all of his children and you’ve got a genuinely creepy film. Read the full review here.

Sugar Babies – Staring Alyson Stoner, the little girl from Missy Elliot’s music videos. She plays Katie, who is poor but wants to be rich so decides to do the sugar daddy-lifestyle. Too bad her sugar daddy is crazy. GREAT stalker movie.

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