Lifetime Movies I Want to See Just Based on their Titles and Poster

A picture (and title!) can say a thousand words! There are a lot of Lifetime movies out there, and while I’ve seen many, I haven’t seen them all. So how do I choose? It’s all about the title and poster for me. Lifetime clearly has a whole team that crafts these masterpieces – should the title be fun word play or something more blunt? Should the poster show obscure figures or do we want some serious eye contact with the audience? And how much blood is too much blood? Here are some of my favorite picks of movies I need to watch currently available on the Lifetime Movie Club.

I’m a huge Agatha Christie fan, so I’m hopeful there’s an awesome plot here. Plus, look at that CHIN!!!!! A well-defined chin like that is a dead giveaway that this dude is evil as heck!
Why are they in workout clothes?! I have never seen a gym-themed thriller, so I would love to see how the element of the two main characters being in great shape plays a role. It better be parkour-level fight scenes.
I’m assuming this is about a high school swim coach, which just sounds super scary. Like as if being a teen girl in a bathing suit in front of a lot of people competing for your best time isn’t scary enough, now you have to worry about being killed by your COACH? Rough! Major points for the die stopwatch imagery.
I love a great secret identity and this leaves lots of questions – why is she killing people? Who is she killing? And who cut her bangs?
This poster is BOLD and is giving us a LOT. Clearly we’ve got the hand ON THE NECK, so we know this mother-in-law is legit crazy. We’ve also go the woman with pleading eyes, so she’s not immediately fighting off the danger directly. We’ve got the clear cross necklace on the mother-in-law that implies to me she has a facade as a normal, kind woman to the outside world. I’m genuinely so intrigued to see how we get here, and if the neck choking is a real scene!
I get NO clues at all about what this movie is about from the title OR poster, but that’s what intrigues me. Most Lifetime movies have very straightforward titles, so this one caught my eye as an outsider. What is a naked pursuit? How do you choose the wrong bed? Why are there handcuffs? The only way to know is by watching.
They had me at hazing. These girls are dressed as members of a witch cult, which I’m down for, but I’m guessing they’re also in a sorority, so I would love to see how we connect those dots. Plus, making the main plot about hazing means that basically anything is fair game in this movie, so I’m expecting anything from bizarre contests, to embarrassing scenarios, to spells.

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