Join the Row Team and Other Things I Learned from Love, Fall & Order

For the 2019 Fall Harvest series, Hallmark’s Love, Fall & Order has an AWFUL title, but a great, classic story line. You know the one: successful city woman has to go home to help a widowed parent with some family business/farm, falls in love with a local, and moves back home. We see it everywhere (most recently in A Harvest Wedding) and I’m here for it. The specifics of this film: Claire and Patrick are high school nerd rivals who both grew up to be lawyers. After a land dispute between their families, they find themselves on opposite sides of the case, which leads to plenty of fight flirting. While I may have heard the outline for this story before, Love, Fall & Order taught me some other really important information:

Join the Row Team.
If there’s ANY takeaway at ALL from this movie, it’s that we should all join the row team. Specifically, I learned exactly what a transformative effect the rowing motion can have on one’s shoulder/arms region (READ: HOTTIE!!!!!) – so much so as to make someone almost UNRECOGNIZABLE. In Love, Fall & Order (yes, we can all agree by now it is an awful title – think how I must feel having to type it over and over???) high school rivals Claire and Patrick cross paths again as adults, and Claire straight up is astonished that Patrick is now a full hottie and is mad at her best friend for not telling her. His hottie-status is attributed to him joining the rowing team in college! I’m sure we could infer that had Patrick not packed on the muscle, Claire may not have even spent anytime flirt fighting with him over baked goods, the land dispute may have never been settled, and heck – maybe he wouldn’t have even gotten into law school to begin with!! It’s the butterfly effect, people. It’s hard to know where it stops.

Patrick containing his muscles in a grey sweater.

Get in the Pumpkin Business
This one just makes financial sense! I didn’t realize before that pumpkins are BIG MONEY, but then it became SO obvious. First, the whole land dispute to begin with in this film is over the part of the farm that GROWS PUMPKINS. Clearly, Claire’s dad didn’t want to easily settle because he knew that Pumpkins are his big money items. And why are they such big money? Because the market for these pumpkins in this Vermont town is HUGE! The people in this town COME OUT FOR THE PUMPKINS. I’m completely serious when I say that every business, building, home, street, and lamppost in the town had pumpkins, leaves, and every other form of harvest decorations that you could think of. The pumpkins are helping Claire’s dad essentially print money – so get in on that, too.

Look at how many pumpkins are under ONE streetlight! Now multiply that by every streetlight in this town, and we are talking BIG money.

Want to Find Love? Get a Job with GREAT Work-Life Balance
Claire is a big lawyer in NYC, which most people would guess means she works 60+ hours a week and NEEDS to be in the office. Well, you’re wrong! Claire is able to take a train all the way up to Vermont, originally to stay up there for just one day, and then declares she’s actually staying there for a week when she realizes the lawsuit for her dad is a bit more complicated. Work has no complaints! When the circumstances in Vermont change again (read: her dad stubs his toe), she is able to work remotely indefinitely – again no complaints! Now that’s some seriously accommodating employers! And the other best part? We never actually see her doing ANY work for her NYC job! It’s this type of work-life balance that really lets Claire do all of her best flirting to snag Patrick: attend debate practice to flirt with Patrick, go to the track to run and flirt with Patrick, and hang out at the coffee shop to flirt with Patrick. Finding love is a full-time job in itself, so you need a full-time job that gets that: stop working, start flirting.

You need a job that will understand that you can’t work because your dad got barreled over by a bunch of pumpkins.

What did you learn in Love, Fall & Order? Share them in the comments!

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