Christmas Scavenger Hunt: You’ll Find Holiday Compassion, Unresolved Romantic Feelings, and Tom Arnold’s Career

Christmas is fun. Scavenger hunts are fun. A CHRISTMAS SCAVENGER HUNT? Definitely fun. Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas continues with “Christmas Scavenger Hunt,” and while you’re definitely destined to find the classic city-girl-comes-home-to-find-Christmas-love story in this film, here are some other fun plot and character elements you’ll find in this festive movie, as well:

Compassion for Oil Tycoons
We all know Christmas is a magic time — some may even say it leads to Christmas miracles. One great miracle you’ll find in Christmas Scavenger Hunt is some genuine compassion for old white male oil tycoons! We learn that Old James is VERY rich from the oil industry, but for some reason doesn’t have any family around for him to celebrate Christmas with (weird, do you think he outlived ALL of his relatives, or do you think maybe his family is done with his world-destroying greedy ways? That’s not for Hallmark or me to say.). This Christmas compassion comes in the form of a free Christmas tree delivered to his door by Belinda and Dustin (holding for one moment so you can process the name Belinda), and Old James pays it back ten-fold by donating money to help save the textile museum. Now, I’m not sure what a textile museum is, but I know this tiny town cares about it! Some compassion for these oil tycoons goes a long way in saving “important” buildings.

Will hot chocolate sales save the textile museum? NOPE! But oil money will!

Unresolved Feelings for High School Boyfriends, and why that is actually OKAY!
Now, your therapist may tell you differently, but according to Christmas Scavenger Hunt, it’s actually all good to harbor feelings for your high school boyfriend who you haven’t talked to in 10 years. I know because we learn that this is Belinda’s situation! She may be dating a very corporate and uninteresting man, Logan, but don’t you for a second think she actually cares about this dude, because she doesn’t! With one look at old high school flame Dustin, Belinda and all her unprocessed decade-old feelings are in full throttle to get Dustin into boy toy territory again. And these unresolved feelings are actually totally okay because they inevitably get back together and have a Christmas love moment, so it’s actually all for the best. It’s not a problem, it’s actually just good planning.

How can you not love a man who knows how to wear 4 layers???

Tom Arnold’s Career
Unless you are Tom Arnold’s agent/biggest fan (these are probably the same person, TBH), you might not realize that 1) Tom Arnold is still acting and 2) he actually plays a convincingly thoughtful, energetic, and lovable dad! Thanks to Christmas Scavenger Hunt (and his IMDB), I’m reminded of all of these facts.

He’s still doing this.

Did you find anything noteworthy in Christmas Scavenger Hunt? Did you love how Belinda and her best friend had the exact same hair style? Let me know in the comments!

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