Winterfest 2020 – The Countdown to Christmas is Over, But It’s Still Winter, People!

The #CountdownToChristmas is done, and I came in with a total of 10 out of 23 of the new 2019 premiers (not to mention all the previous year movies I watched). So now what? SURPRISE. Hallmark makes movies year-round, for every freaking season, so no matter which way the world is tilting towards the sun, they’ve got films for you. Here’s whats on the docket for the Winterfest, and some of my two cents.

Love in Winterland
Alright, so Ally goes on a dating show (unnamed, but my guess is that it is classier than Bachelor vibes. This is Hallmark, after all, and they only deal with true love material), and for some reason, she must face her former high school boyfriend, Brett (CMM, Chad Michael Murray). I’m completely on board with CMM being a full-time Hallmark dude now. No answer yet as to what the LED candles seen in the poster have to do with anything — maybe that’s the question that will get us all to tune in?

Love on Iceland
Can you believe THIS is the picture for Love on Iceland? This is like Manchester by the Sea lighting and photography level! Perhaps Hallmark is still working on the Hallmark-styled poster (direct eye contact, soft yellow lighting, lots of Photoshop), but I am loving this in the meantime. So anyway, in this movie, Chloe needs some inspiration at work, so she gathers her college travel group (What?! I have no idea what a college travel group is but it sounds like MONEY) back together for a trip to Iceland. Her ex shows up, and things start ~~~melting the ice~~~. We’ll have romance and probably some great scenic views (seriously, if the photo is any indication of the backgrounds and lighting quality they’re going to be serving, I’m here for it.)

Amazing Winter Romance
Journalist Julia needs inspiration (I guess everyone knows that January is the worst) so heads to her hometown to find that her childhood friend-turned “hottie” (he’s not my type, but I get it) built a huge MAZE, and for some reason this makes her fall in love with him. I think at this point, it’s apparent that the writers at Hallmark used up everything they had for the Countdown to Christmas and are full-on OVER IT. I mean, the title alone kills me!!!! “Uh, yeah, it’s about an amazing winter romance, so let’s just name it that, okay Janet???” Next, they want to convince us that a a maze is CHARMING instead of INFURIATING? Yeah, right.

Hearts of Winter
Alright, Hallmark is straight up phoning it in. These are literally the exact same two actors from the Fall Harvest’s new film A Harvest Wedding. BUT I love all things Jill Wagner, so I’m in. Jill plays Bethany, who is an interior designer, and helps decorate widower Grant’s home. It will all be very mature and beautiful, I’m sure a gorgeous ice display will appear, and all of our seasonal affective disorder issues will be gone!

Winter In Vail
Hallmark Royalty Lacey Chabert plays Chelsea, who inherits a house in Vail. People inheriting fancy homes in Hallmark movies is a plot favorite of mine because it answers a lot of questions. “How can she afford this house?!?! Oh wait, she inherited it! That’s why!” Anyway, Chelsea meets Owen (great hot guy name) and together, they put on Strudelfest (Omg Hallmark, come on!) to highlight the charm of Vail. I think this movie best captures the struggle that is being a Hallmark movie writer — they’ve already left it all on the field for Countdown to Christmas, but then they have to make MORE winter movies with people in the same clothing, locations, and climate without mentioning Christmas. Kuddos to them, so Strudelfest it is!

Are you checking out any Winterfest films? Which ones are your favorites? Let me know!

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