I don’t remember exactly when I started watching all of the outrageous Lifetime and Hallmark movies – they’ve kind of always been on my radar.

I love Lifetime and Hallmark movies, and all the movies of the sort. They’re a wonderful mix of being cheesy, absurd, insane, hilarious, ridiculous, and heartwarming all at once. I watch them by myself, I watch them with friends and family (seriously, watching them with friends has become a normal occurrence in my social life), and I constantly talk about them with coworkers.

With so much of my brain space being occupied by these movies, I figured I might as well do something with all of it. So I bring you Lifemark Halltime – a site dedicated to exploring the movies that make me gasp, laugh, roll my eyes, groan, and feel all warm inside. To be fair, some of the movies I’ll do won’t be from Lifetime or Hallmark – some may just be random brands from Netflix or Hulu – but I promise, those movies will be JUST as crazy as a Lifetime and Hallmark movie, so don’t worry.

I’m Jen, I’m 27, and I live in Queens. Pour your wine, grab your blanket, and let’s watch some ridiculous movies.